Health Benefits Nation

Health Benefits Nation

September 10-12, 2024 | Nashville, TN

Linda Riddell

Linda Riddell is a population health scientist, poverty educator and independent validator with 30 years’ experience in health care, public and private health insurance, and health policy. She specializes in measuring outcomes for health and wellness programs, such as coaching, behavior incentives, and novel interventions.

Linda is the founder of Health Economy, LLC, focusing on health policy and health data analysis. Her clients range from state governments to private insurers to start-up technology companies. She also serves as Vice President Strategic Initiatives for the Validation Institute, which peer reviews outcome measures for member companies.

After studying the effects of scarcity on our brains, Linda created a unique, experiential game in 2018 where players experience for themselves the brain changes that occur in poverty. Gettin’ By is meant for people whose work affects those in poverty — such as teachers, legislators, and medical care providers. After playing the game, participants learn about how poverty changes the brain and how they can take this into account in their work.

Linda has a master’s degree in health policy and management from the Edmund Muskie School of Public Service.

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